Brass Rod / Brass Bar / Brass Hexagon / Brass Square / Brass Profiles

Brass Bar / Brass Rods - Round, Square & Hexagon

At Metelec, we carry a wide range of Brass Bars and Brass Rod. All of our brass bars are manufactured in Europe. Most of our brass bars are available from stock and all bespoke products within the scope of our manufacturing range can be made available on short lead times. The stock range of brass bars is unrivalled but to get a full appreciation of how diverse this range is please give us a call on +44 (0)1922 712665.

A range of brass bar is available in order to complement our stock range of copper bar. 

Round Bar

Imperial sizes: available from 3/32" up to 8"
Grades: CW614N (CZ121), CW606N (CZ131), CW602N (CZ132) & CW721R (CZ114)
Metric sizes: Available from 3mm up to 100mm
Grades: CW614N (CZ121) & CW602N (CZ132)

Square Bar

Available from 1/8" up to 4" square
Grade: CW614N (CZ121)

Brass Profles / Brass Shapes

Please send us drawings of the profile / Shape you require and we will be happy to quote accordingly.

Hexagon Bar

Available from 3/16" A/F up to 3.550" A/F
Grades: CW614N (CZ121), CW712R (CZ112), CW721R (CZ114) & CW602N (CZ132)

Lengths supplied: Round, Square & Hexagon

3/32" - 3 3/4" - 10ft lengths
4" - 8" - 2m lengths approximately





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