Metelec carry a wide range of Maxiflex - Busbar.

All of our Maxiflex - Busbars are manufactured within our extended group. At Metelec, the Maxiflex - Busbar is available from stock and all bespoke products within the scope of our manufacturing range can be made available on short lead times.

Maxiflex - Busbars are manufactured from highly flexible copper strips in bare or tin-plated. They are insulated with a mechanical & electrical high quality and self-extinguishing PVC mixture. This is suitable where there are low installation heights and flexibility is essential, the ability of these bars to bend and twist into situation makes them the ideal solution.

Ideal applications: Control Panels, Switch Cabinets, Transformers Motors and Generators, UPS and Monitoring Systems.

We will be glad to supply more detailed information. Maxiflex Sizes and Rating available at the bottom of this page in a PDF.

Maxiflex - Specification

Electrical Characteristics Copper Insulation
Dielectric rigidity: 20kV/ mm
Voltage: 1000V AC/1500V
DCTemperature: -40° to +105°C
High conductivity ETP copper (99.90% min)
Spec: NFA 51 050 DIN 40500
Conductivity: 100 IACS
HV < 500
Tensile Strength > 200 N/cm 2
Elongation > 35%
Resistivity 1, 724 micro Ω /cm at 20°C
Thickness 1.5-2mm
Spec: BS 6746
VDE 207:
Y16 & YM4; UL 94 VO
Shore A:89 +/-2
Elongation resistance 15% min
HV < 500
Breaking resistance 20 MPa

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