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Why is component manufacturing so important?

Component manufacturing has a huge bearing on businesses from ensuring the highest quality of components is used in products, to keeping production costs down through good value components.

Copper components are used in electrical systems, due to good electrical conductivity and high melting and boiling points. Components that are used in valves, pumps and compressors must be manufactured to a very high standard to ensure they are robust and do not compromise safety. Copper is also used in the heating and plumbing industry, where gas lines are required and corrosion resistance and reliable connections are of paramount importance. In highly regulated industries, having excellent quality components is essential to remain compliant and a vigorous testing process must be performed in the quality control processes.

Benefits of choosing component manufacturing experts

Metelec provides a trustworthy, expert component manufacturing service that includes bespoke parts and shaping copper to the required shape. Using the latest CNC Hole Cut technology and modern forming machinery, we produce components of exceptional quality, exactly to your specification.

The component manufacturing service is available for one-off prototypes all the way through to bulk production orders. As the UK’s largest copper manufacturer and stockholder, we are the number one specialist in our field, which is why so many industries trust us to supply their components.

Even very complex components can be manufactured through a wide range of machinery both in the UK factories and our parent company’s factory in France. Services include producing components with Clinch Nuts and Clinch Studs BZP, as well as kitting and insulation application.

For those more obscure components, we also offer the opportunity for you to upload a technical drawing or picture of what you require so that you don’t have to go to the great difficulty of trying to explain what you need.

We provide a dedicated cutting service that can process anything between 1mm to 100mm thicknesses. With a huge stock range, Metelec will rarely be out of stock and in that unlikely scenario, there will always be an alternative in stock.

As well as copper component manufacturing, we offer flexible Busbar connections, brass bars and rods, as well as earth and grounding components e.g. copper earthing tape, ground strips and earthing cables that are vital in the protection of buildings from lightning.

If you would like to find out more about our component manufacturing services, visit Our Services page.

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