> 13/08/2019

Metelec are one of the UKs biggest traders for copper manufacturing giants in Europe!

You may already know that Metelec is one of the UK’s largest copper manufacturer and stockholders, but did you know that they are a logistical arm of Gindre Duchavany, the largest manufacturer of copper extruded bars in Europe?

If you don’t already know who they are, Gindre Duchavany is the world-wide specialist copper conductor manufacturer for electrical equipment – from the most generic copper bar to the most sophisticated and complex copper components. They extrude in excess of 55,000 tonnes of copper per annum and have a turnover of €350,000.000.  Gindre Duchavany has a globalized production system – with the aim to help customers concentrate on their competitiveness with reduced costs and rationalized supplies.

Thanks for this, Metelec is positioned as one of the strongest and most competitive supplier of both plain bar and finished formed busbars and associated componentry.

As the name suggests, Metelec was established nearly three decades ago as a specialised supplier of copper alloys to the electrical industry. From the central warehouse in the Midlands we offer a stocking service which is second to none – this has been improved in recent years with the introduction of our new satellite warehouse in the South East.

Metelec caters for any quantity and has its own fleet of transport, backed up with overnight freight carriers – which means that we can deliver anywhere in the UK within 24-hours. As well as this, Metelec has invested heavily over recent years and now boards the largest capacity for fabricated copper Busbar components in the UK for electrical and power industries.

For more information on what Metelec as to offer or details regarding our relationship with Gindre Duchavany visit and contact our team of copper experts today.

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