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An Introduction to the Uses of Brass

Whilst copper has always been one of our top sellers, are you aware that brass comes with the same manufacturing capabilities?

Brass has many different properties and it is ideal for manufacturing as all forms of brass are ductile and malleable meaning it is easy to form into a chosen product, whilst still retaining high strength. Its high machinability makes product creation quick, which is why many manufacturers choose to use brass for their products. Many of its characteristics are like that of copper, for example, brass is an ideal material to use for medical appliances, bathroom fixtures and doorknobs due to its bacteriostatic properties. It also has good heat and electrical conductivity making it a perfect metal to use for electrical applications.

Some of the most common uses for Brass are;

Radiator Cores – Due to its durability and malleable properties, brass is on one the best materials to use for radiator cores as opposed to aluminium. Brass costs less than aluminium as well as being easier to manufacture and form, it’s more energy efficient and it lasts longer.

Marine Engines and Hardware – For centuries brass has been used for nautical tools, such as sheathing on the hull of wooden naval ships.  Due to its corrosion resistance, durability and toughness (even in saltwater) brass is the ideal metal for long term marine products. In this day and age brass is used for marine engines and pump parts.

Electronic Components – Considering that brass is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and is also non-magnetic, it is no surprise that brass is an ideal product to form into electrical components. It costs far less than other metals which are ideal for electrical conduction, such as gold and silver. Its malleable nature makes it easy to form parts like electrical terminals, battery clamps, sockets, electrical panel board switches and relays.

Brass is also used for many non-electrical products. Such as;

  • Ammunition Casings.
  • Musical Instruments.
  • Pipe or Water fittings.
  • Clocks and Watches.
  • Compasses.
  • Bearings and Gears.
  • Door Handles.
  • Jewellery.
  • Locks and Keys.

At Metelec we stock a wide range of brass bars and brass rods. We can provide expert component manufacturing to shape and cut brass to your exact specifications. If you would like to find out more about our range, give us a call on +44 (0)1922 712665.

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