• > 13/08/2019

Metelec are one of the UK’s biggest traders for copper manufacturing giants in Europe!

You may already know that Metelec is one of the UK’s largest copper manufacturer and stockholders, but did you know that they are a logistical arm of Gindre Duchavany, the largest manufacturer of copper extruded bars in Europe?If you don’t already know who they are, Gindre Duchavany is the world-wide specialist copper conductor manufacturer for electrical equipment – from the most..

  • > 13/08/2019

Why is component manufacturing so important?

Component manufacturing has a huge bearing on businesses from ensuring the highest quality of components is used in products, to keeping production costs down through good value components.Copper components are used in electrical systems, due to good electrical conductivity and high melting and boiling points. Components that are used in valves, pumps and compressors must be manufactured to a very..

  • > 13/08/2019

Ferrous vs Non-Ferrous Metals

From the periodic table, 91 out of 118 elements are metals, showing just how many types of metals there are. Whilst metals have a lot of shared properties, there are distinct differences that make certain metals better to use in certain products and uses.What is the difference between ferrous or non-ferrous metals?Metals are divided into ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which basically differentiates..

  • > 31/05/2019

New Vehicle to the Fleet

Great News With the new legislation being bought in for Birmingham we have purhased a new vehicle and added to to the fleet, it is Euro 6 compliant, this assists our customers within the Birmingham area have confidence in Metelec as their chosen supplier that the next set of changes will keep any cost disuption to a minimum.

  • > 27/08/2018

Yard Completed !

Mission completed, customer service not disrupted and all achieved through everyone working together throughout the company by remaining focused on the overall objective and recognising the need to pull together whilst the disruption was upon us. Zero accidents and managed excellently by all involved, the new yard will serve us well as we continue to grow as a company. A note of thanks also goes to..



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